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Why did I feel the need to write a UFO Talker Blog?  Well, as most of you know who are reading this right now, the written word captures something that the spoken word cannot.  That is what I hope to capture with this blog.  With my podcast there is only so much detail that you can cover as you are talking.  After a few moments you have to move on because the spoken word is like a river.  It has to keep flowing or it just stops.  With the written word I can get into the minute details of a subject. Really get down to the bedrock.

Sometimes I will do a podcast and a few months later I may find out some new detail or some new angle on a subject.  The problem with the podcast is you can't go back and cover the same topic again.  People won't listen to it.  However, my blog will be able to cover that ground again.

Well, dear reader...I hope you like this space and what I write here.  Also, I would really like to hear from not only the people who read my blog, but also the people who listen to my podcast.  Michael Ryan You can contact me at

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